• Elizabeth Youth Soccer Travel Players Wanted!

    Teams are starting the 2022 spring season!
    Now is the time to sign up and tryout!
    Looking for both Boys and Girls.
    Birthyears 2014 to 2003

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  • Recreation Soccer

    2022 Spring Recreation registration has started!

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  • U19 Champions!

    Congratulations on a job well done!

  • Congratulations!

    Our Firebirds have won the MNJYSA Flight 1
    with an undefeated season! 10 wins 0 losses!!

    They followed it up with a trip to the finals
    Of the EDP Fall Showcase!

    Job well done! Keep up the good work!!

Elizabeth Soccer - Teams

Schedule Team Name   (Code)   Coach Name   (Position)   Cell Phone   Home Phone   Email

   2007 - 2017 Recreation   (Rec)   Mike Silva   (Rec Director)   908-380-8468     mfs0715@gmail.com
   2014 Boys   (U 8)   Mike Silva   ()       mfs0715@gmail.com
   Storm (2014)   (U 8G)   Kelly Williams   (Coach)       kellyvdyke320@gmail.com
   Vipers (2013)   (U 9)   Sergio Duarte   (Coach)       sergioduarte387@gmail.com
   Vipers (2013)   (U 9)   Wilson Rosa   (Coach)       wrrosa23@gmail.com
   Hunters (2012)   (U10)   Abraham Hernandez   (Coach)       zeal777liuna@yahoo.com
   Hunters (2012)   (U10)   Ana Luis   (Team Manager)       anabola01@yahoo.com
   Titans (2011)   (U11)   Stephanie Abuhamoud   (Team Manager)       scorreia09@yahoo.com
   Titans (2011)   (U11)   Norman Bonano   (Coach)       norm_bonano@yahoo.com
   Warriors (2011)   (U11)   Oscar Cerda   (Coach)   908-342-4391     oscardcerda@yahoo.com
   Stars (2011/2012)   (U11G)   Fabiana Ochoa   (Team Manager)       sexyfaby.fp@gmail.com
   Stars (2011/2012)   (U11G)   Ivan Ochoa   (Coach)       ivandjmontana@gmail.com
   Pumas (2010)   (U12)   Gloria Castillo   (Team Manager)       gagudelo10@gmail.com
   Pumas (2010)   (U12)   Hector Escobar   (Coach)       crema82001@hotmail.com
   Turbos (2009)   (U13)   Eddie Falcon   (Coach)       eddieconnie@gmail.com
   Turbos (2009)   (U13)   Nuno Rico   (Coach)       nunorico@outlook.com
   Lightning (2008/2009)   (U13G)   Ed Vergara   (Coach)       vergara_ed@yahoo.com
   Leones (2008/2009)   (U14)   Bryan Alvarez   (Coach)       alvarezbryan0427@gmail.com
   Vikings (2008)   (U14)   Claudia Frade   (Team Manager)       claudiafrade@optonline.net
   Vikings (2008)   (U14)   Henry Castillo   (Coach)       hjc8103@gmail.com
   Vikings (2008)   (U14)   Mike Silva   (Coach)   908-380-8468     mfs0715@gmail.com
   Lions (2006/2007)   (U16)   TBD   (Team Manager)       fcmarti@hotmail.com
   Lions (2006/2007)   (U16)   Fernando Figeroa   (Coach)   908-875-3183     fcmarti@hotmail.com
   Lions (2006/2007)   (U16)   David Luis   (Coach)       davidoliveira1216@gmail.com
   Dragons (2005)   (U17)   Carlos Bastos   (Coach)   973-715-2015     bastos_1969@yahoo.com
   Dragons (2005)   (U17)   Carlos Neves   (Coach)   908-494-2863     bolitaneves@hotmail.com
   Dragons (2005)   (U17)   Connie Falcon   (Team Manager)       conniefalcon@mac.com
   Spartans (2004)   (U18)   Lurdes Francisco   (Team Manager)   908-350-3358     Lurdesfrancisco1@gmail.com
   Spartans (2004)   (U18)   Rocky Castillo   (Coach)       rockykas@yahoo.com
   Jaguars (2004/2005/2006)   (U18G)   Edwin Lopez   (Coach)       lopeze01@gmail.com
   Jaguars (2004/2005/2006)   (U18G)   Anabela Antunes   (Team Manager)   973-641-5209     anabel.antunes@yahoo.com
   Rebels (2003)   (U19)   Luis Fabiani   (Team Manager)       LFabiani@msn.com
   Rebels (2003)   (U19)   Manny Grova   (Coach)       mgrova@lawfirm.ms