• Elizabeth Youth Soccer EYS Tryouts
    EYS is holding tryouts for its Travel Teams
    We are looking for players who are willing to put
    in the time and effort to be the best they can be!

    Looking for players for all positions
    and with playing experience.

    Click link below for more information!
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  • U14 Indoor Champs

    Congratulations to our Cheetahs!

    A perfect 8-0 indoor season and crowned Champs!

  • U19 Champions!

    Congratulations on a job well done!

  • Congratulations!

    Our U18 Firebirds have won the MNJYSA Flight 1
    with an undefeated season! 10 wins 0 losses!!

    They followed it up with a trip to the finals
    Of the EDP Fall Showcase!

    Job well done! Keep up the good work!!

Elizabeth Soccer - Teams

Schedule Team Name   (Code)   Coach Name   (Position)   Cell Phone   Home Phone   Email

   2012 (Recreational)   (R-U 5)   Mike Maia   (Coach)      
   2011 (Recreational)   (R-U 6)   Juan Gaviria   (Coach)      
   2010 (Recreational)   (R-U 7)   Hector Escobar   (Coach)      
   2010 (Recreational)   (R-U 7)   Sajid Hussain   (Coach)      
   2009 (Recreational)   (R-U 8)   Robert Andujar   (Coach)      
   2008 (Recreational)   (R-U 9)   Carlos Miranda   (Coach)      
   2007 & 2006 & 2005 (Recreational)   (R-U12)   Carlos Miranda   (Coach)      
   Turbo (2009)   (U 8)   Nuno Rico   (Coach)       nunorico@outlook.com
   Turbos (2009)   (U 8)   Eddie Falcon   (Coach)       eddieconnie@gmail.com
   Vikings (2008)   (U 9)   Henry Castillo   (Coach)      
   Vikings (2008)   (U 9)   Mike Silva   (Coach)       mfs0715@gmail.com
   Vikings (2008)   (U 9)   Claudia Frade   (Team Manager)       claudiafrade@optonline.net
   Eagles (2008)   (U 9G)   Percy Gayanilo   (Coach)       Percy.Gayanilo@gmail.com
   Eagles (2008)   (U 9G)   Sonia Gayanilo   (Team Manager)   201-736-5063     Sgayanilo@hotmail.com
   Pirates (2007)   (U10)   Georgia Fabiani   (Team Manager)   908-591-6049     gtfabiani@gmail.com
   Pirates (2007)   (U10)   Nuno Pires   (Coach)       npires72@verizon.net
   Lions (2006)   (U11)   Vera Costa   (Team Manager)   908-374-9535     vegacosta@hotmail.com
   Lions (2006)   (U11)   Fernando Figeroa   (Coach)   908-875-3183     fcmarti@hotmail.com
   Lions (2006)   (U11)   Cris Rennella   (Coach)       rennella81@yahoo.com
   Wildcats (2006/2007)   (U11G)   Stephanie Brito   (Coach)   908-764-8322     stephbrito10@gmail.com
   Dragons (2005)   (U12)   Carlos Bastos   (Coach)   973-715-2015     bastos_1969@yahoo.com
   Dragons (2005)   (U12)   Carlos Neves   (Coach)   908-494-2863     bolitaneves@hotmail.com
   Dragons (2005)   (U12)   Connie Falcon   (Team Manager)       conniefalcon@mac.com
   Revolution (2005)   (U12)   Rocco Russomano   (Team Manager)       rrussomanno@verizon.net
   Revolution (2005)   (U12)   Daniel Gil   (Coach)      
   Spartans (2004)   (U13)   Jonathan Bergero   (Coach)       Jonathanbergero@hotmail.com
   Spartans (2004)   (U13)   Lurdes Francisco   (Team Manager)   908-350-3358     Lurdesfrancisco1@gmail.com
   Celtics (2004)   (U13G)   Sergio Ventura   (Team Manager)   908-487-7927     ventura.sergio86@gmail.com
   Celtics (2004)   (U13G)   David Mendoza   (Coach)   908-230-0738     dmend005@aol.com
   Dynamos (2003)   (U14)   Luisa Pires   (Team Manager)   908-296-2414     matmel0305@hotmail.com
   Dynamos (2003)   (U14)   Angel Mendoza   (Coach)   908-374-4680     balboafcg@gmail.com
   Comets (2003)   (U14G)   Hector Grande   (Coach)       hectormgrande011671@gmail.com
   Comets (2003)   (U14G)   Linda Amador   (Team Manager)   973-805-0319     l.amador3130@gmail.com
   Rebels (2002)   (U15)   Diego Munzon   (Coach)       vannymun@msn.com
   Rebels (2002)   (U15)   Edith Vale   (Team Manager)   908-337-9890     valeedithv@aol.com
   Rebels (2002)   (U15)   James Lopes   (Coach)   908-906-3903     jsoccerl1961@gmail.com
   Rebels (2002)   (U15)   Jaime Lopes   (Coach)   908-413-0599     jsoccerl@aol.com
   Cheetahs (2002)   (U15G)   Paula Romao   (Team Manager)   908-208-5135     promao714@gmail.com
   Cheetahs (2002)   (U15G)   Hector Suarez   (Coach)       hsuave3@gmail.com
   Mustangs (2001)   (U16)   Roger Pais   (Coach)       roger1pais@yahoo.com
   Mustangs (2001)   (U16)   Jack Da Silva   (Coach)   908-208-4691     dyntravel@aol.com
   Gunners (2000)   (U17)   Cristhian Salazar   (Coach)   732-947-0912     cdsalazar77@gmail.com
   Gunners (2000)   (U17)   Beata Batista   (Team Manager)   908-591-4626     beatabatista74@yahoo.com
   Firebirds (1999)   (U18)   Manny Grova   (Coach)   908-353-5599   908-482-7703   mcgrova@optonline.net
   Firebirds (1999)   (U18)   Rafael Polanco   (Coach)   908-591-6900     bibipolanco@gmail.com
   Hurricanes (1999)   (U18)   Angela Coelho   (Team Manager)   908-583-7898     angela.coelho831@gmail.com
   Hurricanes (1999)   (U18)   Joe Mendoza   (Coach)   301-357-4152     joe.mendoza7@hotmail.com
   Hurricanes (1999)   (U18)   Carlos Miranda   (Coach)      
   Vipers (2001, 2000, 1999 & 1998)   (U19G)   Tony Da Silva   (Coach)   908-868-0161    
   Vipers (2001, 2000, 1999 & 1998)   (U19G)   Anabela Antunes   (Team Manager)   973-641-5209     anabel.antunes@yahoo.com