• Elizabeth Youth Soccer Recreation Soccer Signup!

    Our signup dates have been announced!

    August 20th @ 9am to 12pm @ Phil Rizzuto Field
    August 27th @ 9am to 12pm @ Phil Rizzuto Field
    Aug 31st @ 8pm to 10pm @ Phil Rizzuto Field

    Please click below for details:
    More Information
  • U19 Champions!

    Congratulations on a job well done!

  • U10 Dragons Win Big!

    Congratulations to our U10 Dragons!!

    2016 Indoor Champion - Center Circle
    2016 Morris United STA Champions

    Players and coaches alike did a fantastic job!

    Results and Standings
  • U16 Teams Sweep Indoor!!

    Congratulations to our U16 Boys and Girls!!

    2016 Boys Indoor Champion - Center Circle
    2016 Girls Indoor Champion - Center Circle

    The hard work during the winter paid off!

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