• Elizabeth Youth Soccer EYS Tryouts
    EYS is holding tryouts for its Travel Teams
    We are looking for players who are willing to put
    in the time and effort to be the best they can be!

    Looking for players for all positions
    and with playing experience.

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  • U14 Indoor Champs

    Congratulations to our Cheetahs!

    A perfect 8-0 indoor season and crowned Champs!

  • U19 Champions!

    Congratulations on a job well done!

  • Congratulations!

    Our U18 Firebirds have won the MNJYSA Flight 1
    with an undefeated season! 10 wins 0 losses!!

    They followed it up with a trip to the finals
    Of the EDP Fall Showcase!

    Job well done! Keep up the good work!!

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EYS Tryouts

EYS is currently holding tryouts for its Travel Teams.

We are looking for players with some playing experience who are ready and willing to commit to a team and work hard to become the best player they can be.

The following teams are looking for players (player birth year and gender listed first):

2008 Boys - Vikings - Mike Silva - mfs0715@gmail.com

2008 Girls - Eagles - Sonia Gayanilo - sgayanilo@hotmail.com

2007 Boys - Pirates - Nuno Pires - npires72@verizon.net

2006 Boys - Lions - Fernando Figeroa - fcmarti@hotmail.com

2006/2007 Girls - Wildcats - Stephanie Brito - stephbrito10@gmail.com

2005 Girls - Revolution - Daniel Gil - danielgil101@yahoo.com

2004 Girls - Cetlics - Sergio Ventura - (908) 487-7927

2003 Boys - Dynamos - Angel Mendoza - balboafcg@gmail.com

2003 Girls - Comets - Hector Grande - hectormgrande011671@gmail.com

2002 Girls - Cheetahs - Hector Suarez - hsuave3@gmail.com

2000 Boys - Gunners - Cristhian Salazar - cdsalazar77@gmail.com

Please contact the team for specific days and times.

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